I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend.  I can’t believe it’s almost over.  Time flies 😦  My weekend was spent packing boxes (more on that to come), getting inches chopped off my hair, making two new recipes, working on my Smashbook, playing tennis, watching the movie “Say Anything” and catching up on sleep.  It’s been quite productive yet also relaxing!

I want to rewind though to a few weeks ago when my husband’s great aunt, Isabelle, was in town.  We decided to go with Aunt Is, my mother-in-law, Nick’s aunt and some cousins to play BINGO!  Hence, the title of the post.

I had only played “real” BINGO one other time and ironically it was at this exact location a year ago.  Last year, the BINGO hall held a Memorial Day event and we played for hours.  For some reason this year, it was a no go.  Anyway, back to a few weeks ago.

Since BINGO starts pretty early in the evening and runs until 9 or 10 at night, Nick and I weren’t positive we were going to be able to get to go.  I never realized how early you have to get there to claim a seat.  Luckily, Nick’s family saved us seats.  There are some serious BINGO players at this BINGO hall.

These diehard BINGO players (sidenote: I think I’ll probaly be one when I get older) arrive at the BINGO hall over an hour early just to get a seat and get all their “goodies” out.  BINGO players are all about their good luck charms, snacks, having the best seat, fans to stay cool, having multiple colored markers, etc.  We even had a few goodies on our table:

Remember these as a kid?  Trolls!  I believe I had quite a few.  I never remember there being “boy” trolls, do you?  Supposedly, trolls are hard to come across these days.  Too bad I never saved mine.  Who would have thought the BINGO players of the world would want them one day?

In case you’ve never played ‘real’ BINGO before, it’s quite intense!  Let me explain.  When you first arrive there are different “packages” you can purchase.  You pay a set price to play the main games, but then there are games like the “early bird specials” and a winner takes all game at the end of the night.  Nick and I only did the main games.  You can definitely waste away alot of money playing BINGO, but then again you can also win big.  I could see how addicting the game could be.  I think the biggest prize of the night was $500.00  If there are ever multiple winners during a game, everyone splits the earnings.  That part stinks.

There are multiple ways to make sure you don’t miss a number on your board throughout the game.  At this BINGO hall they had a big board that would light up the numbers in the front of the room, a man that would call out the numbers and TV screens that would show the numbers.  So I laughed when our group got called out for being too loud and disturbing others.  Oops!  Come on though, if you missed the number, just look at the board!

Competitive by nature, it becomes frustrating after multiple games, you have yet to find yourself yell out BINGO!  So what did I do to release the frustration?  Dug my arm into a bag of these:

I will say time goes by fast playing BINGO.  Before you know it, 3 hours have passed and the night is almost over.

Forsee us being old folks one day hitting up the BINGO hall every week?  We were definitely the youngest couple there this night for sure!

So you may wonder if any of us won any moola that night.  Nick’s cousin, Niki won over a hundred bucks, but had to split it with another winner so I think she ended up with $75.  Better than nothing, that’s for sure.

I ended up winning one of the raffles.  Silly me thought the raffle would be $ or a cool prize.  I ended up with this:

Looks like we’ll have to go back!

Have you ever played BINGO before at a BINGO hall?  If so, did you win any $?  Any fun things happen for you over the long weekend?  More to come soon.  Stay tuned…


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