For the Love of B12….

I wanted to share a quick testimony of the importance of not putting off going to the doctor.  The answers to your problems may be an easy solution!

Most of last year and until the beginning of this year, I struggled a lot with ongoing tiredness, multiple headaches a day, numb fingertips and just pure sluggishness.

I kind of just chalked it up to the medication I’ve been on over the years for depression and the seasons changing.  It didn’t seem to matter if I got 8 hours or 13 hours of sleep; I still struggled with my energy levels throughout the day.  There were even a few times where I had to stay home from work simply because I had no energy.  I soon found myself in a vicious cycle because no energy usually meant no motivation which led to feeling frustrated with myself for not being productive.

Earlier this year, I was given a few nudges to go to the doctor and figure out what was going on.  It kind of all worked out in that I needed to find a new primary care doctor and in doing so I could start fresh with my history and the symptoms I was currently experiencing.  After deciding that running a panel of blood work would be our first form of attack, I was of course nervous of the results.  Have you ever had that feeling where you almost want something to be wrong so you’ll have an answer to your problems?

Well this was one of those times for me.  A few days following my appointment I got news that my B12 level was really low and that the deficiency was most likely causing all these symptoms.  Who would have thought?  This had never come up in my years of treating my body in an unkindly manner, so I was kind of shocked to see it be off now.

I decided to do a little research about B12 and here’s what I discovered……the foods that B12 are commonly found in (fish, shellfish, red meat and dairy products) are not foods that I eat regularly.  I am not a fish fan by any means and I hate milk.  I learned that the symptoms I had been experiencing were definitely similar to those with a Vitamin B12 deficiency.  B12 is important for red blood cell formation, neurological function (thus the tingling), DNA synthesis, helps prevent anemia and has been known as an energy enhancer.  Hmmm.

The solution?  B12 supplements at 2000 mcg a day for 6 weeks and then a recheck of my levels.  So off to the store to buy the horse pills I went!

Thankfully, I’m not one who has a hard time taking pills so I just added it to my normal regimen.  I will say I was a bit skeptical if they would work.

After the 6 weeks was up, I went back to have my B12 rechecked.  There was concern that my body may not absorb it through pill form and that I might require B12 injections.  I prayed that wouldn’t be the case.  I don’t do shots!  Thankfully my body absorbed enough B12 through the pills and this didn’t become an issue.  Woohoo!  I slowly began feeling a change in my energy levels and the headaches and numbness went away.  Crazy right?

Even though I’ll most likely have to stay on B12 supplements the rest of my life, it’s such a blessing to no longer deal with multiple headaches a day and ongoing tiredness.

Lesson learned:  Never put off going to the doctor!  There’s no need to suffer when answers might be one pill away!  Be well and happy weekend!


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