Snapshots through Florida…

I hope everyone has had a good week.  I’ve been going non-stop for what seems like the past 3 weeks!  Unfortunately, the blog has suffered and I apologize.  I have so many things I want to add to this blog and I can’t wait to launch my new pages!

After returning from our vacation to FL, my husband and I got to celebrate the marriage of two of our favorite friends over at 3 Minute Kitchen.  Congrats to Ashley and TJ!!  Such a fun wedding at a downtown arts and cultural center.

The following weekend, we traveled to my parents’ for the weekend.  On Saturday, we drove to where both of my brothers live and helped surprise my younger brother, Brandon for his 30th birthday!  Happy Birthday BB!

Outside of weekend goodness, I’ve been trying to play catch up on laundry, cooking healthy meals and starting a Smash book!  Work has been crazy busy as well, so I’ve been struggling with having a lot of energy by the time I get home.  My husband and I are also trying to make a better effort of exercising in the evenings since the weather has been so nice.  We’re fortunate to have a small lake a few minutes away that makes for a perfect 45 minute walk.

The past two nights I took some time to look through some of my photos from our Florida vacation and I wanted to share with you some snapshots through Florida.  For a week at the beginning of April, my husband and I were blessed to join my parents, as well as my older brother and his family in St Pete, Florida.

My parents rented a house and we couldn’t have asked for a better vacation.  It was also a celebration of sorts!  We celebrated my 31st birthday, Easter and our 1 year wedding anniversary.  Since the trip had been planned for some time, my husband and I decided that for our 1 year anniversary, we would treat each other to some of the theme parks in Orlando.  In order to do so, it meant renting a car and driving an hour and a half each way, but it was totally worth it.  Enjoy the snapshots below of our trip!

Sea World 


Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom


Lowry Park Zoo

In the air and on the ground…

Fort Desoto

I hope you enjoyed the photos!  I hope you have a weekend full of goodness!


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