Back in Action!!

I’m back!! The husband and I just got back from an 8 day vaca to sunny Florida with my family.  I couldn’t have asked for a better time….warm weather, an amazing house that my parents rented with a pool in the backyard, theme parks that were a blast, food that was divine and quality time with my family.  The only thing missing was younger brother and his wife.  We missed you two!  More posts to come about our trip, but before we left on Friday, we had my birthday to celebrate!!

The big 31!  Where has time gone?  Nick and I, along with my mother in law, decided to go out to dinner to celebrate.  I wanted to go to the local Japanese Steak House where they cook in front of you and my husband happily obliged.  I had a coupon for a free entree so it worked out well.


Celebrating with my husband!

 Love eating with chopsticks and the fact that it forces me to slow down and savor what I eat.


  I wish I had the special recipe for this.  It doesn’t look great but boy does it taste good!


  It doesn’t get better than soup, salad, veggies, shrimp, rice and addicting sauces.  Yummy!


Don’t try this at home! It’s the onion volcano.


  A birthday celebration is not complete without cake…a mini ice cream cake to boot!

So much more to come over the next few days with a vacation recap, things bringing me goodness in the month of April, recipes, encouraging quotes and more!


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  1. great to hear you had a good time. the pictures look awesome. you deserve the best and it is good you had a nice time. it is definately spring and blessings are all around. take time for yourself and family and friends whenever you can. it is those that are around us that make life so special. it is important to remember that. i am blessed to know you and thank you for your friendship … i may even start my own blog one of these days as it makes me see how good it is to be gracious.

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