A Year Older…

I can’t believe I turn the big 31 in a few days!  Where has time gone?  Here are some things I’ve learned over the last 3 decades, both the good and the bad in no particular order…..

-song lyrics you make up are better than the real ones

-never stop dreaming

-tickle me too much and I might pee in my pants

-being a middle child meant I could always tattle tell

-losing a pet hurts

-your body pays after doing gymnastics for 10 years

-never stop going to the dentist or the doctor

-go on at least one vacation every year

-you’ll meet the man of your dreams when you aren’t even looking

-God is faithful

-cherish my family

-tastebuds change

-if I work hard, there will be payoffs

-pain brings strength

-Grandmother’s Sunday night dinners can never be replaced

-take risks

-sleep is bliss

-tomorrow is a new day

-happiness exists

-the show, Wonder Years, never grows old

-believe and it may just come true

-eat my fruits and veggies

-keep memories alive

-having small feet means cheap shoes

-my destination wedding was the best decision ever

-save money, it’ll help down the road

-keep good friends close

-there’s light out of the darkness

-find a hobby and keep it up

-face fears

-don’t worry so much about what other people think

-be prepared for ups and downs

-treat others as you wish to be treated

-talk about it, be honest

-seek out fun

-and lastly, Be myself!


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