Bring on the Goodness..

I thought I’d try and do a monthly post called, “Bring on the Goodness,” highlighting things that are currently bringing goodness to my life…

Quotations found on Pinterest: I love to collect quotes and have a whole journal full so finding all these quotes on Pinterest are not only encouraging, but also a good pick me up!

Cuddl Duds PJ pants:  By far the most comfortable Pajama Pants I’ve ever owned.  I received mine from my mother-in-law as a gift.  They only come in limited styles.  Looks like the website is running a sale now with free shipping!  You might also be able to find them at Stein Mart stores.


Gevalia’s Chocolate Raspberry Coffee:  A light roasted coffee with a hint of chocolate and a burst of rapsberry yumminess!  What I love about this coffee is that the raspberry flavoring tastes like the real fruit; not artificial.  The coffee itself is also light and not bold, so it not only makes for a sweet morning treat, but would also make a great dessert coffee!

Cupcake Couture Briesta’s Shoes:  I wear a size 2 in children’s shoes.  Yes, you read that right.  This means I can’t fit into any shoe found in the women’s department.  Not even a size 5.  Thus, I’m usually left to a selection of light up sneakers, dress shoes with bows, or sandals with sparkles.  When I needed a pair of closed toe dress shoes for a wedding this upcoming weekend I knew I’d be in for a scavenger hunt.  After multiple failures at Stride Rite due to the website advertising two styles of shoes that were no where to be found in a store near me, I scrambled at multiple other kid friendly shoe stores.  Rack Room’s Cupcake Couture brand saved the day!  They are actually ‘adult looking’ and have a heel!  Hopefully I won’t twist my ankle next weekend.

Bath and Body Works Stress Relief Aromatherapy:  I have both the Pillow Mist and the Body Lotion in this scent and it stays on my bedside table.  The “Stress Relief” scent is one of eucalyptus and spearmint.  The smell totally reminds me of being at a spa.  It’s calming and relaxing and a perfect way to wind down right before bed.  I also like that the lotion isn’t heavy or greasy and the scent isn’t too overpowering.  It just the perfect!

Tijuana Flats Taco Tuesdazes!:  Every Tuesday night is Taco Tuesdaze at Tijuana Flats.  What’s Taco Tuesday?  It’s 2 tacos, chips and a drink for $5!  Can’t beat it.  You can choose between flour, whole wheat or crunchy taco shells and either chicken, pork, steak, black or refried beans as your filling.  They also over a variety of free ‘toppings’ for your tacos and even offer a ‘power lite’ version which is a healthier version of toppings.  For those who love heat and spice, Tijuana Flats is known for their “Hot Sauce Bar.”  A large offering of various sauces that range from mild to very hot.  There’s always friendly staff waiting to greet you at the door and the customer service they provide is great.  My husband and I frequent Taco Tuesday quite often.  Check here and see if there is one where you live!


What are some things that are bringing goodness to you? I hope some things that are currently bringing “goodness” into my life, might make their way into yours.  I’d love to hear from you if they do!



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