Let the games begin!

Who says games are only for kids?  I’ll admit that I’m quite the board game junkie.  Luckily, my husband doesn’t mind, so once a month we get together with another couple that we met at work and have “Game Night.”

We alternate houses each month so each couple isn’t always stuck cleaning up!  We meet up around 3 or 4 and usually don’t finish the night out until around 10.  When we first started Game Night we would play a few games, grab dinner and then play more games.  More recently, we decided dinner was too much and we’d stick to just snacking all night long and it’s worked out fabulous.  Each couple brings snacks and drinks to share and the games of their choice.


Some of our favorite games are:  Charades, Phase 10, Cranium, Bezzerwizzer, Uno Attack and The Game of Things.

Charades:  A game of acting out based on the theme you land on.  Granted some of the things you are given to act out you may have never heard of so it takes some imagination and creativity, but lends its way to alot of laughs.

Phase 10:  One of my favorite card games by far.  This game does well with at least 3 players and can become quite competitive.  There are 10 ‘phases’ one must complete to win the game.  “Phases” can include making sets of the same number of card, having a certain number of cards of the same color, having sets and runs of cards together.  There is a ‘quick’ version and a normal version depending upon how much time you have to play.  Points can be kept if you like a challenge.  I highly recommend this game and it’s easy to learn.

Cranium:  This game has to be played with a group; teams of 2 work best.  This game offers a wide range of activities from acting act, humming song lyrics, creating objects with clay, drawing with your eyes closed, etc.  My favorites by far are the clay creations and drawing activities.

Bezzerwizzer:  One of my husband’s favorite games and one that he always wins.  This is quiz game where there are questions to answer from 20 different categories.  You are able to choose which categories you think you are most knowledgeable in to help you win points.  If a player is unable to answer his/her own question, other players are able to chime in and try and win the point.  I find the questions can be a little difficult sometimes but it’s still a fun and quick party game.

Uno Attack:  Take your normal UNO card game to the next level!  This game is very similar to the traditional one except instead of having a “draw” pile, cards are placed in a machine and a button is pressed each time the player needs to draw.  You are then subject to none or multiple cards flying at you.  Another fun and quick game that’s suitable for all ages.

The Game of Things:  Love this game!  Put your creative juices to use in this game that is sure to cause some laughs.  This is another game best played with a group.  Each round, the group is given a topic such as “Things you should never do at your work desk” or “Things you shouldn’t put in your mouth.”  Each player writes down his/her answer..the funnier the better.  Then the answers are read aloud and you have to try and guess who said what answer.


I was recently given a new game, Quelf, and can’t wait to try it out next game night.  If you are looking for a website that has good information about board games, check out:  Board Game Geek.

Happy Playing!

“Just one game,” they said, and started to play–that was yesterday. -Chinese proverb


Special Thanks:  I wanted to send out a special thanks to TJ for making my new blog header this weekend.  TJ and his fiance’ are actually the couple we play Game Night with.  They have a wonderful cooking blog over at:  3 Minute Kitchen.  Check it out for some easy and fun recipes!



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